Rosendale’s Very Own Olympian

The key stage two children knew something was up when there was no computer, projector or screen set up for Miss Atkins’ Olympic assembly and were amazed to find out that there was an Olympian already in their midst who would be talking to them and all was then revealed: our very own Gill Cronin. Gill rowed for Great Britain in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics and won a Commonwealth Gold Medal in 1986. Originally in the heavyweight category, Gill had to lose over 10kg to row in the lightweight category. Her nine months of daily training, eating a diet of bran flakes and water, frozen yoghurt, tuna. mushrooms, celery with an evening meal of omelettes (without the egg yolk) were certainly not the most enjoyable part, but she wouldn’t have changed it for anything. 

In a truly inspirational talk, Gill told the children just how special each one of them was: not every one can be an Olympian like her, but we all have special talents and skills. The hard bit can be finding out what these are. Thanks very much indeed Gill and well done for keeping your special talents secret for so long!


Gill Cronin (wearing medals) being grilled about her training diet by Miss Atlins

One comment

  1. Who knew that Jill was a olympian we all thought it was Mr Stace but it was such a surprise and you done really well Jill Rosendale is proud of you.

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