Rosendale 0 – 1 Richard Atkins (after extra time)

Although the result wasn’t ideal, and sadly eliminates the team from the Magazine Cup, the performance was magnificent and every player should hold their head high with pride knowing that they did all they could. In a tight first half, Richard Atkins had more possession but every attack they launched was easily soaked up the the imperious back four and any that leaked through were neutralised by Rex , who had a faultless and fearless game throughout. The team created more chances in the second half and went close on a couple of occasions but after an hour the contest was still goalless and so ten minutes of extra time were played. Rosendale continued their pressure, mounting attack after attack, but were unable to penetrate the Richard Atkins defence, who countered and scored with only two minutes remaining. Most cup games create chances right up to the wire and although we made a couple of fine attempts, we were unable to level the contest at the conclusion of extra time.

A truly fantastic performance from the team, whose stature, confidence and performance have dramatically improved over the last two games. We may be out of the cup, but we still have two more league games to play before our 2011 – 2012 campaign is out.

Team: Kieran (captain), Arthur, Billy F, Mackenzie, Rex, Katie, Kobby, Kammaal, Seamus, Zai, Cameron

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  1. Just as Mr Cranston describes…. you were fantastic. When the final whistle was blown, the whole of the team’s reaction was very clear to all your supporters watching… the match had meant a lot to you. That is a great thing. Well done!

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