Rosendale 3 – 0 Hitherfield

What a fantastic start to a new season: a goal within 90 seconds, three in all and a clean sheet to boot. Reuben’s captaincy was exemplary and every member of the squad can hold their heads high, proud in their destructive display. Kammall, as tenacious as a Jack Russell terrier refusing to let go of its master’s ankle, found himself free in the second minute and shot low to the Hitherfield keeper’s left to open the scoring. Going into the break a goal to the good, a switch in formation from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 gave the team more power going forward in the second half and Ted soon doubled the lead with a fine effort with Kai making it three from a set piece corner, All in all, a splendid all round effort and a really encouraging way to kick off the new campaign. As special mention to Owen and Lemar making their Rosendale debut’s today. Owen had a very solid performance in left midfield and looked very comfortable on the ball while Lemar, with nothing to do for long periods during the game, pulled of two splendid saves when called into action.

Team: Reuben (captain), Lemar, Liam, Charlie, Nathaniel, Owen, Billy, Kai, Ted, Lucas, Kammall, Emran, Yatana


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