Crown Lane 2 – 1 Rosendale Red

When your opponents boast such venerable names as Zidane and Romario in their line up, it’s only natural that a certain level of nervous anxiety builds up. Coupled with the fact that six of our squad received their baptism in the 11 a side format of the game today, it was almost understandable that after only 10 minutes we found ourselves two goals down. Some teams may have bowed to the inexorability of defeat, submitted themselves for ritual sacrifice on the slopes of Rosendale’s Fields. Rosendale Red were not “some” team; we were another team. A team which grew in strength, character, skill and ultimately self belief enabling themselves to win the battle for possession for long parts of the game and ultimately to strike back on the break and come so very close to equalising from the spot, Daniel’s excellent penalty only being denied by Romario’s great reflexes. Was 2 – 1 a fair result? Probably, yes but it does not illustrate how much this team galvanised themselves together after the first unsettling minutes and, led confidently and enthusiastically by Kammall, fought bravely to try and overcome their early misfortunes. Well done to you all and you can hold your heads high and proud.

The Team: Kammall (captain), Lemar, Nathaniel, Yatana, Cameron, Isaac, Billy C, Zak, Luke, Ben, Daniel, Alex Salt, Orel.

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