Rosendale Green 6 – 1 Sudbourne

What a difference a year makes. Last season we only managed a narrow victory in the league and were knocked out of the Magazine Cup semi final buy a buoyant Sudbourne side. Today, they were very ordinary and Rosendale won easily in a six goal rout. Three up by the break, thanks to sharp strikes from Billy, George and Ted who ran the Sudbourne defence rugged, the team saved their more majestic second half performance to the arrival of the crutched and hopping Mr Reynolds (I wish he wouldn’t try and slip through a hole in the fence on crutches, but that’s another story). Three more goals to the most deserving of players, Ryo, Danny and captain Johnny whose shot shattered the cross bar and dropped to the turf, confirmed as having crossed the line with the newly installed goal line technology not required. 

That’s 2 of last year’s top teams faced and the excitement continues in two weeks when we meet the other member of the trio, Oliver Goldsmith. Another fantastic game boys, solid performances again from all of you, especially Raechen, who really should bring out a DVD in time for Christmas titled “The Art of Tackling”

Today’s team: Charlie, Raechen, Johnny, Luca, Reuben, Billy, Kalid, Danny, Ryo, George, Farhad, Lucas, Ted

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