The swing, the improvisation, the disconcerting dribbling, the trick of losing a marker, scoring great goals and celebrating them in style like the punch in the air immortalized by Pelé- The Brazilian way of playing football is unique. We carry five stars on our chest and enchanted the world with our footballing magic. It is precisely this spirit that the London Saints Football Club wants to capture and convey to its football players, be they Brazilian or not.




Founded just six months ago as the result of the initiative Brazilians Glauber Bittar and Thimoteo Wesley Alves, the London Saints Football Club offers football classes for all children aged 4 to 17. With a team that includes a physiotherapist, nutritionist and physical trainer, the club currently has 60 student-players divided into three classes that train two to three times a week. “We have players of various nationalities, British, Brazilians, Belgians, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Dutch. It is much like London, cosmopolitan. Said Glauber, who graduated in Physical Education at the State University of Goiás to The Brazilian Post

Glauber also explained that the London Saints Football Club works to achieve two goals. This first is to provide, through football, an environment of personal growth for young people. “Football is a tool of social articulation, it teaches people to face challenges, respect opponents, teamwork, learn to lose and have self confidence,” explained Glauber. The second is to assist those dreaming of a professional career in football.



If you’re interested and want to be part of this team, please contact Glauber or Thimoteo by or phone 077 3777 3768.











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