Girls Football Glory

 They started as a rag tag collection of athletic girls enthusiastic to play football. Thanks to Mr Anderson’s expert coaching, they finished up as the 6th best Primary School team in Lambeth. And all over the course of only four weeks practice as a team. Apart from Mr A and the girls, special thanks must be extended to Miss Unwin, for selflessly loaning the team the services of Miss Smythe, life coach, psychologist and agony aunt to all. All the girls can be extremely proud of their achievement and judging by the broad smiles on all their faces, enjoyment was the key. Mr Cameron is keen to extoll the virtues of competitive sport for our school childrenand rightly so, however playing for fun and enjoyment is perhaps even more important. Mario Balotelli, Wayne Rooney and the other footballing multi mullionaires may boast weekly wage packets of £200,000, but would all play for nothing such is their love and enjoyment of the beautiful game. Well done girls, you have served Rosendale proud.

The team: Georgie, India, Florrie, Charlotte, Tayla, Nadine, Laylah, Kelis, Mischa, Tillyanna, Kate, Lian, Jenny, Rianne, Anya,  Amirah


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