Rosendale Red 0 – 1 Streatham Wells

Played on a pitch recently used for a mock up of a Word War 1 trench, Rosendale were unable to answer Streatham Wells’ early first half strike. Unable to venture into the opposition half for most of the game, the scoreline was ultimately quite flattering: the post or crossbar denied Streatham on a couple of occasions and it was only Jonathan’s excellent goalkeeping which kept the scoreline respectable. Nevertheless Liam ably led a determined Rosendale team, with several players making their 11-a-side debut, and there was certainly no shortage of commitment. Our back 4 (James, Liam, Cameron and Charlie H) were mostly solid and worked well together and Cosmo in the centre of midfield looked very accomplished and controlled. Kobby battled well up front and Charlie C came close to equalising in the dying minutes. 

The team: Johnny, James, Liam (captain), Cameron, Charlie H, Georgie, Deni, Cosmo, Elwin, Matthew, Billy, Kobby, Charlie C

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