Apologies for the delay in posting results of the inaugural Alleyn’s School Biathlon held last Tuesday afternoon. The 50 metre swim and 500 metre run were officially sanctioned by Pentathlon GB, the national governing body. Rosendale entered two Year 5 and two Year 6 teams and competition was tight for places in the team. 


The overall winners were Alleyn’s A. However Rosendale A (Jonathan, Ben, Aiken and Matthew) were placed a very creditable 4th and Rosendale B (Charlie, Cosmo, Eryk and Levin) finished 7th. Well done boys, a marvellous effort considering we were the only school there without easy access to a swimming pool.


Once again the overall winners were Alleyn’s A. Rosendale A (Johnny, Ted and Liam) did brilliantly well coming in 6th and Rosendale B (Lucas, Reuben, Frank and Luca) weren’t far behind at 8th place. Considering this was our first attempt at the event, I think you can all be extremely proud of your efforts.

We are hoping to be invited to the girls event next year, so start practising girls.


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