Netball is the winner

The playgrounds of Vauxhall Primary School could have been an ideal spot for Raoul Silva to launch his attack on MI5 headquarters, luckily though this afternoon they were being used for something much less sinister: the Lambeth Primary Schools Netball Competition. Our target this year was to actually score a goal (unfortunately this proved hard last year) and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long until Kai A netted the first of his two goals in our close fought 2-4 defeat against St Bernadette’s. The next game saw our first victory, thanks to some sharp shooting from Orel who scored twice. By far the team’s best performance came against Heathbrook. 0-3 down with only two minutes left on the clock, we managed to pull back the deficit, thanks to two more goals from Kai and a magnificent net from Izzy, who nearly clinched a victory in the dying seconds with an outrageously audacious shot.

What a fantastic display by the team and I was extremely proud of them, playing every game with a splendid team spirit and in such a sporting manner. We look forward to the Lambeth netball League which starts next March and remember, Miss Griffiths is running an after school netball club on Wednesdays.

Team: Georgie, Izzy, Lily Mae, Lian, Evie, Kai A, Orel and Orie


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