Lambeth Tag Rugby Competition

Postponed from earlier in the month when a frosty pitch ruled out play, our enthusiastic team, spurred on by England’s recent defeat of the mighty All Blacks, strode out onto the Kennington astroturf meaning business. We made a dream start, defeating Glenbrook 3 tries to 2. Unfortunately we were unable to maintain this momentum, managing only one more victory over the whole tournament. Individually excellent, we were never really able to function as a unit and unfortunately the whole was in our case less than the sum of the parts. Nevertheless, determination and enthusiasm were never in doubt and as the tournament progressed, so our confidence and self belief grew. A special mention must go to Jessica, Kitty and Georgie, who played every minute of every game. Well done girls and well done Rosendale!

The team: Kitty, Jessica, Georgie, Luca, Johnny, Billy, Jimmy, Raechen, Tyrique, Levin, Kammall


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