Let’s Create a Legacy

It’s always a pleasure to welcome Rob Wilkinson from Lambeth School Sports Programme to Rosendale, and his assembly this morning was particularly thought provoking. Undoubtedly London 2012 has created positive and measurable economic and social legacies, but what about its sporting legacy and strap line to inspire a generation? How do you motivate today’s children to be tomorrow’s gold medallists?

It’s all to easy to blame our cash-strapped coalition government of failure to maintain the London 2012 effect through its refusal to offer any funding. But for once, it surely isn’t about the money. The UK LTA knows only too well that millions can be invested into grass roots sport for no discernible return (Andy Murray’s game was perfected on the clay courts of Barcelona rather than the public courts of Dunblane).

“Let’s create a legacy” was Rob’s parting message. Ask any of our 2012 gold medallists what inspired them to take up their sports




The UK LTA invested a phenomenal £74 million into “grass roots tennis” with absolutely no return (Murray was trained on the clay courts of Barcelona not Glasgow)

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