Rosendale Red 1 – 5 Vauxhall Wyvil

The second half of the 12/13 season didn’t begin ideally last Saturday. Perhaps children’s thoughts were more on half term holidays but we soon found ourselves in a familiar position, 2 goals behind after only 20 minutes. However after the turnaround, the team’s performance picked up markedly. The sodden pitch turned the beautiful game into a rather ugly spectacle, the ball itself doubling in weight as the mud refused to leave its adhesive surface. Nevertheleess Orel netted a fine goal from the left and others went close. However man of the match was Nathaniel, our Rock of Gibraltar at the back. Paolo Maldini, Franco Baressi and the rest could have taken notes from Nathaniel’s perfectly timed tackles and interventions which most definitely kept the score a little more respectable. A short break now until our next game on Friday 8th March.

Team: Charlie H (captain), Nathaniel, Frank, Orel, Reuben, Alex S, Deni, Cosmo, Jonny, Charlie C, Georgie, Elwin

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