Rosendale 2 – 1 Rosendale

Not a misprint, but the outcome of a quirk of nature which happened to draw our two teams against each other in the first round of the Magazine Cup. Although the prematch warm ups were conducted together in high spirits, as soon as the game got underway it was quite obvious that this was not being seen as a friendly match by the players. Billy scored for the blues with a sweet strike, assisted by some marvellous one touch passing from Andredinho, who showed huge promise in his first full game in a Rosendale shirt. Early in the second half, George brought the oranges level with a deft flick into the net. It looked destined for extra time until Malachi, picking the ball up at the half way line, charged forward like a bull running the streets of Pamplona, and rocketed the ball into the net giving Charlie C no chance. What a game and lets hope we can go even further in the cup than our semi final exit last year:

Teams: Janai, Raechen, Charlie C, Orel, Kai A, Ted, Malachi, Billy, Yatana, Liam, Kobby, Nathaniel, George, Ryo, Kalid, Cameron, Andredinho, Owen, Ben, Zak, Danny, Kammall


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