Rosendale Red 1 – 2 St Leonards

Some games you might only have one or two chances and take them both, others you might get considerably more and sqaunder most of them. Sadly last Saturday’s performance fell into the latter category after such a strong and lively beginning. The referee’s starting whistle still ringing in his ears, Orel stuck onto a centimetre perfect pass, deftly rounded the flailing keeper and slotted beautifully home from the right hand edge of the box to put Rosendale one up in the opening minute. Three minutes later the lead was nearly doubled in carbon copy move, but the referee adjudged Orel to be off-side. More chances followed in an opening half which Rosendale dominated but we just couldn’t convert the possession into goals and much against the run of play, St Leonards equalised on the stroke of half time. The second half was a different story as St Leonards came back into the match and the game became very even and even more entertaining. St Leonards took the lead after a low shot took a cruel bounce over Elwin’s outstretched hands and try all they could, the boys just couldn’t get back on terms. The team were led by Nathaniel, whose defending skill, tackling and effort are increasing with every game and it was good to see Cameron back after his lay off with a broken arm, his tackling still as well timed as ever. Isaac returned for his first game since his jaunt around the world and his game didn’t seem any too rusty for it! Never mind boys, it was wholehearted and gutsy performance from all involved. There’ll be days when we play a lot worse and come away with a win!

Team: Nathaniel (captain), Charlie H, Lamar, Orel, Emran, Kammall, Elwin, Zak, Cameron, Isaac, Kobby

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