Lambeth Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala

Another event the rain couldn’t deter and another trip to Streatham Leisure Centre. Boys and girls swam a length of either backstroke, breastroke or freestyle and the event climaxed with a mixed freestyle relay with two boys and two girls.  As ever the standard was very high (two state primary schools in Lambeth have their own swimming pools, lucky things) but our team didn’t let themselves down, pushing the other schools close in all the heats. Well done boys and girls: it takes a great deal of courage to swim i a race in front of so many people but you all acquitted yourselves with flying colours.

The team
Year 5: Aoife, Freya, Erin, Fortune, Jeheil, Yacine
Year 6: Levin, Mauricio, Lois, Jenny and Olivia

IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0323 IMG_0324

Some relay changeovers between the boys and girls

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