Year 6 Sportshall Competition

Sportshall brings athletics indoors, just the thing for a wet February afternoon. Seven boys and seven girls from 6JP competed in running, standing long and triple jump, vertical jump, ball throws and speedbounce agility at the newly opened Streatham Leisure Centre. All the boys and girls can be especially proud of themselves, but a special mention for Ben who demonstrated why you should never give up, no matter how lost the cause seems. Dropping his baton early in the relay, the team seemed to be out of  contention, but Ben retrieved it and carried on in the 6 lap race. Cosmo made up more time in the next two legs and by the time the last leg was run, Rosendale were first placed. Never give up boys and girls.

The team: Olivia, Anouschka, Fenny, Ellen, Abigail, Tayla, Evie, Charlie, Ben, Camil, Cosmo, Reuben, Georgie, Owen

IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0314 IMG_0312

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