Rosendale Green 3 – 1 Corpus Christi

tim s

It was reminiscent of an old firm Celtic Rangers derby: the green hoops of Corpus Christi against the blue (well purple) of Rosendale Green (work out that chromatic mix up). A close fought game saw the teams level at half time one goal a piece but Rosendale soon pulled clear with two more second half goals, including a screaming free kick from young Finn. It’s going to to the wire this season with both Rosendale and Oliver Goldsmith having played 6 won 6. Team manager Mr Rob Reynolds’ unbeaten streak is now the longest in Rosendale history: those close to him are even rumouring that a new post could await at White Hart Lane if Tim Sherwood’s miserable streak continues. However financially, he’ll surely be better off at Rosendale, where his heart truly lies. Well done Mr Reynolds and well done boys, a truly epic performance, keep it going.

The team: Finn, Luke, Raechen, Jaiden, Lemar, Janai, Danny, Ben, Elwin, Dexter, Farhan, Kalid

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