All Played Out


Our Year 6 children have been reflecting on their PE and sports learning over the last few years and the findings are well worth sharing.

All the children are aware of the physical health benefits that regular exercise and fitness can bring but it’s also interesting to note how sport and PE are reported to improve their mental health (many of the children used adjectives such as confident, proud and happy to describe how they feel when taking part in sport.

It’s refreshing to note that it’s not all about winning and losing in sport: most children stated that the opportunity to enjoy themselves and spend time with their friends was very important too.

Finally both boys and girls enjoyed the wide variety of sports and activities they have been able to try at Rosendale. Girls particularly enjoyed hockey, gymnastics and athletics whereas the boys were more interested in (yes, you guessed it) football.

Thank you very much for your feedback and good luck on your sporting journey through secondary school.

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