Rosendale’s boys team became London FA champions this afternoon with a faultless performance, unbeaten over six games. Undeterred by sleet and snow the boys put the other teams to the sword and their 3-1 victory over Brunswick Park in the final was sweeter than usual, atoning them for their previous defeat only a week ago on penalties. Well done boys, very well deserved indeed and congratulations to Mr Reynolds, whose stock is rising faster than Apple’s, though his pre final win incentives to the boys may proved costly.

Boys Team: Fahad, Dexter, Jaiden, Kieran, Finn, Zarek, Laquay and Inigo

Rosendale’s girls also battled well and put up a fantastic show. Three losses and one draw are cruel statistics as the losses were only by one goal, in games which could have gone either way. Nevertheless it was a valuable learning experience for them all and with a couple more competitions still to come this season, the team should be very optimistic of success.

Girls Team: Blythe, Saffron, Izzy, Beth, Chante, Lola, Hayley, Maya, Milan


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