Rosendale Spurred on to Further Success

Spurs Photo

Rosendale’s boys seeking inspiration from Glen Hoddle

The Rosendale boys football team more than held their own against two Tottenham Hotspur Under 11 teams last Friday evening at the luxuriously sumptuous Tottenham Training Academy in Enfield. Winning their first game 1 -0 they went down 2 – 4 in their second game though had many more chances than their opponents to secure a victory but were just not able to put them home. What an achievement! Spurs draw their talent from a wide area and for a single school team to be more than competitive is just reward for the boys and especially their coach Mr Reynolds who, as a lifelong Spurs fan, was at his own personal Mecca and, judging by the number of selfies he took, has captured many a souvenir of the occasion to tell his grand children.  Well done boys, what an incredible achievement.

Team: Dexter, Fahad, Leo, Jaiden, Alex, Malachi, Finn, Zarek, Zuriel, Jed, Laquay, Inigo, Nile, 

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