Hockey vs Oakfield School

girls hockey

Oakfield put up two teams who have played for 5 years , mixed teams of year 5 and 6 boys and girls, against our mostly new to the game year 3,4 , 5 and some of our more experienced year 6 players. Rosendale played with such animal determination and pushed the ball out wide with great passing and team work to earn an amazing 5:5 draw in one of the games and a 4:2 loss in the other .The teams were mismatched but Rosendale stepped up to the mark. At the end of the day a great first experience for many of our players, and an awesome performance by our more experienced players. A very big thank you to our super coaches Juliet and Dara!

Team: Girls: Lola, Ava, Frieda, Nell, Ellie, Pearl, Lena, Estella, Isabelle, Eimear, Sophia

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