Rosendale 2 – 0 Loughborough

Rosendale are one game away from securing their fourth successive Lambeth and Southwark Football League title: a draw or better in their final league game against close chasers St John and St Clement would do the trick. All square at the break, but with Rosendale well on top in terms of possession, goals early and late in the second half put Loughborough out of touch. With the lush turf more suitable for dairy cattle than the beautiful game, let’s hope the lawnmower turns up soon.  Well done to the boys, what a marvellous effort. And thanks too to coach Mr Reynolds: school football excitement is vying with his beloved Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League final push, meaning sleepless nights until mid May at least.

Team: Inigo, Zuriel, Zarek, Laquay, Jermaine, Jed, Kieran, Myles, Fabrizio, Fin, Caspar

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