Loughborough 1 – 6 Rosendale A Rosendale B 1 – 1 St. Leonards


Both boys team braved the rain and gloom yesterday to record great results. The A team completed a convincing 6 – 1 win, well done to the goal scorers Nathan, Amari, O’Rian (2), Arlo and Felix. The B team trailed for much of their game, with every effort going just wide and squandering two penalties. With the last kick of the game, Cyreece calmly netted a chance from the edge of the box.

A Team: Zedan, O’Rian, Fraser, Nathan, Raman, Amari, George, Arlo, Laurence, Fred and Felix
B Team: Cass, Ferdi, Nathan, Devin, Finlay S, Finlay C, Cyreece, Omarian, Brandon, Rabean, Rudy, Louis D, Chrys-Desir

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