Clean Hair is Only Fair: Life’s Little Luxuries to those in Need

beauty bankThe Beauty Bank is a non-profit organisation who collect and distribute essential personal care items to their charity partners – registered foodbanks and shelters, who ensure donations get to those who need them. They are like a foodbank but for personal care and beauty items instead.
After our incredibly successful collection last year (two whole car loads!) we have set up a permanent ‘Beauty Spot’ donation point. The items we collect will be taken to Brixton and West Norwood Foodbank on a regular basis so that they get to those who need them.
Our collection point is at the front of the school office. For big bulk drop offs feel free to take them to Miss Stainton in 1JS. All items must be new and unused. It is important to consider a balance of male and female items as on average 70% of homeless people are men.
The items most needed are: shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, disposable razors, travel sized shampoo and body wash, sanitary pads, men’s grooming products, face wash, nappies, baby shampoo, baby wash.
Anything else is a welcome bonus!
Thank you.

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