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As it celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first flight today, it’s not done badly for a plane that was only supposed to be around for a few years until the supersonics took over. It started my closet plane-spotting interest as a young boy growing up in south west London, its distinctive shape making it easy to pick out.  In the early 1980s, I was lucky enough to see one of them up close and stood in staggered awe as I only came half way up the nose landing gear. In the [not so reassuring] words of a friend and former Virgin 747 pilot, “I’ve really got no idea how they can actually take off.”
I now work in south east London and fortunately @britishairways still fly them and at @Rosendaleschool we are right above the approach path to Heathrow 27R and fifty years later, they continue to inspire the children.

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My Activity Passport

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Last December, Damian Hinds introduced the Children’s Activity Passport, an editable activity checklist for children under 11. It’s not a statutory requirement for primary school children and is more targeted as ideas parents and carers can use to broaden their child’s experience as well as having fun together. You can download a Word version here: My_Activity_Passport_Rosendale_editable

If you do start using one, please tell us how you’re getting on and whether you’ve come up with some even more exciting ideas for inclusion.

Further information:
For full details refer to the DfE website at or email them at
My activity passport: supporting resources:
A useful forum can be found at


French Pop Video Competition

Can you sing or rap in French? Do you have video skills? Enter the French Video Pop Competition and have a chance of winning one of the 2019 Francophonie UK School Music Awards!

This competition, organised by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, offers students and their schools the chance to compete in three different age-group categories across primary and secondary. Entries must be submitted by 05 April 2019.

Please explore the French Video Pop Competition flyer for further information.

Mother’s Day Portrait Competition

If you would like to take part in the annual Dulwich Mothers Day, please paint an A3 portrait of a special family member and bring it to the office by 1st March. You need to put your name and class on the back! 
The lucky winner will be chosen by the artist Julie Bennett and you could be in with the chance of having your art work exhibited and a store voucher. Your portrait needs to be bright and colourful and must not be smaller than A3 (double A4).

Parent / Carer Workshop – Metacognition / ReflectED

metacognitionParent / Carer Workshop – Metacognition / ReflectED
All parents and carers are invited to attend a parent workshop is on Tuesday 5 February from 8am – 9am.  The workshop will cover:

  • What is metacognition?
    ·   Why it is important to teach it?
    ·   How we teach metacognition at Rosendale
    ·   What parents can do to promote metacognition at home.

Miss Paton, our Rosendale Research School Lead and Miss Gallagher, Head of Year 5, will lead the session.

Parents and carers are very welcome to use the school’s breakfast club if they need childcare.

Thank you to those who have already confirmed their attendance, please email if you plan to come along.