Schools Must Enter the 21st Century…

..and move away from Victorian style classrooms (which, let’s face it, is very much still today’s model). Have a look at this TEDx talk by Bryn Llewellyn and Dr Andy Daly-Smith, two key proponents of the physically active learning movement integration approach.

Sports Kit Dress Up: Friday 21st June

A reminder that everyone is invited to come into school on Friday dressed into school wearing the sports kit of their choice and donate a coin towards some new sports kit for our girls and boys sports team, and new PE equipment.

We are dressing to celebrate the exciting women’s sporting events taking place this summer and our footballers’ success in the Soutwark and Lambeth League.

On Saturday Rosendale are competing in the final of the Magazine Cup – a match Rosendale haven’t won since 1984.  They will be playing at the Rosendale playing field at 10am.  Do go along and give them your support – Mr Reynolds is looking for a parent / carer who might be available to take photographs of the team.

Thank you for your support.