Rosendale’s Year 5 and 6 swimmers donned their costumes and goggles for the 3rd Lambeth Swimming Gala at the newly refurbished Clapham Leisure centre last Friday. Freya got the team off to a flying start taking 2nd place in the backstroke and from then on the team never looked back, with marvellous performances all round. A special thanks to our 11th hour Year 5 replacement Aoife (who for 2 hours was an honorary Year 5 girl) and also to Jonathan, swimming twice as a replacement for his twin brother. It’s always good to keep it in the family Jonny and you didn’t let him down. We are still awaiting final results but are hoping for a high placing. Well done to you all, another enthusiastic and competitive performance from the whole team.

Year 5: Freya, Evie, Aoife, Jonny, James
Year 6: Rosa Lily, Hannah, Lola, Sam, Danny, Charlie 

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